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Alpharetta Private Preschool

At Kids R Kids, we know that you want the very best for your child. Our Alpharetta private preschool is built for parents like you who want their child to spend their days in a mentally stimulating environment, full of learning and exploration opportunities. At the same time, our 4-and-5-year-olds are young and require a lot of hugs, attention and affection. Don’t worry - there’s plenty of this built into our days, too!


Small Groups and 1:1 Attention

Our private pre K in Alpharetta GA has been carefully planned out to meet the needs of all children. Each child has the opportunity to work in small groups, as well as with the teacher in a one-on-one setting. With the amount of attention that each student receives at our private kindergarten in Alpharetta GA, advanced skills are mastered. Parents are always surprised to see how much their children learn in this crucial year!


Pre-K Lessons

In addition to our varied learning environments, our Alpharetta private preschool incorporates dozens of engaging lessons. Lessons have a unique theme assigned to them to make the material more interesting and relevant to our young students.

Some of the lessons that you can expect your child to be taught at our private pre K in Alpharetta GA are:

  • Guided reading and literacy lessons
  • Guided math lessons
  • Guided writing lessons
  • Science, social studies and health
  • Weekly vocabulary and sight words
  • Foreign language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Station exploration


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our private schools in Alpharetta GA are committed to delivering the best technology available. Our classrooms include Smart Board Interactive Technology, online learning programs such as ABC Mouse and our innovative music instruction called ColorSoundation. With our interactive programs and research-based education technology, students are well-prepared for the digital world ahead.

To schedule a tour of our building, or to learn more about any of our programs, call our Alpharetta private preschool at your convenience.

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