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Learning through play: Brain development in preschool children

Posted on 05-02-2014


It has been said that a "child's work is a child's play."  We know just how true this is because children learn and develop their brains through the act of playing. It helps young children make sense of the world around them as well as interact positively with others, building social and emotional neural pathways in the brain. Kids 'R' Kids of Alpharetta, Georgia, on Webb Bridge Road offers an exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum that is focused on early childhood brain development from infant to preschool.

The importance of play

Unstructured, creative play adds to the development of social and language skills that help children become well-adjusted adults. Although structured activities also play a vital role in early brain development, play allows different parts of a child's brain to become active. This not only encourages curiosity and initiative, it also helps with stress and anxiety relief to allow a child to return to an effective learning state. To encourage your child to develop potential in this area, head outdoors for some fun with your child at a local park such as Wills Park here in Alpharetta. There are plenty of child-friendly play facilities including a playground where they can interact with peers.

Sensory play for childhood brain development

Sensory play is a highly effective method for teaching children to utilize all of their senses and skills to complete different activities. In these situations, children are exposed to different shapes, colors, sounds, textures, and tastes during safely supervised play. As their different senses are activated, the information is sent directly to the brain, activating the formation of new synapses and neural pathways. Learn more about how we are building a foundation on which children can reach their full learning potential with our brain development videos.

At Kids 'R' Kids of Alpharetta, Georgia, on Webb Bridge Road we make use of the Brain Waves Curriculum, a scientifically developed program that ensures well-rounded brain development through both structured and free play. At our Learning Academy, our innovative and fun approach is developed to stimulate and support the growth of neural pathways, which are essential to future academic and career success. Our experienced staff supervises all learning and play activities, which not only ensures that each individual child's needs are met, but also maximizes their mental capacity and learning potential.

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